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     Gary was Town of the Week 10/7/14 on Fox Weather with Rob Kupec! 

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Winter Hours for the Gary City Office are M-F 1:30-5PM.

Adverts for business types not already represented in Gary by a local person will be considered.  Advertising is free.

Support Your Local Firemen!

2013 Results
for the O.F.D.

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A non-profit group serving our community.
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Have you seen Gary's...
Historical Pics

*Link Here for Gary's 125th Anniversary PowerPoint with pictorial history *including commentary written by Alden and Audrey Felske

Youth Philanthropy Group Serving Norman County.  New This Year is VOLTZ...our community service arm in your town!

The Gary Cares One Fund Drive Dec. 15, 2014 - Feb. 15, 2014  Link

The next meeting is Monday, January 19th at 6PM. Watch the TV Times for the announcement.  The 1st meeting was held on September 16, 2014 at the Gary Community Center. It was a great success with 23 people in attendance to give their input and assist in the development of survey questions for our area!! 

Thank you to everyone that filled out a survey.  The results are likely to be shared at the next meeting. 

Cam Fanfulik, the Exec Director of the NWRDC is running the project and the meetings.  He  said according to the 2010 census, there are 37 residents over the age of 65 and 40% or 85 of our residents are under the age of 35years.  That was surprising to most of us, but if you look around - there is another generation enjoying life in Gary. 


Current Project...


            You've been telling them for years!

          The Basketball & Tennis Adventure progresses.. We are almost there!

Talk with Brenda or Morgan Chisholm (the 10 year old that filled out the Kids grant request below...smile!)

Yup...10 year old ... Morgan Chisholm with a lot of help from siblings Savannah & Alex!
(daughter of Mike & Brenda)
Morgan  put in a grant request to the Dekko Foundation to repair our Tennis court in her "Get Out & Play Basketball & Tennis" initiative.  In August 2014 Morgan heard back that once her fundraising reaches $10,000, the Dekko Foundation will match it!  The community, the businesses, the alumnus and outside businesses are responding to the challenge.  As of November the $10,000 has been reached, putting the fund at over $20,000 and on the way to the $30,000 mark. Morgan is continuing the fundraising with a lot of help from everyone that cares about this project.  So, if you see Morgan, Savannah or Alex out and about...encourage our young community organizers!

If you would like to donate, please send your tax deductable donation to "Gary Cares" c/o Audrey Felske, 301 Strand St., Gary, MN 56545.  www.GaryCares.org


Hit the link on the left column for the Dekko Grant Applications that kids or adults can apply for!  To read more about the Dekko go to  www.DekkoFoundation.org .  There is also a Youth Philanthropy Shock & Awe Grant Application - to read more about the group go to www.Shock-Awe.org .  S&A is currently gathering basic ideas to properly prepare for their 2014-2015 Funding. If you need a non-profit organization to sponsor your project, Gary Cares has been very helpful in this area and would approach the board regarding your idea. www.GaryCares.org